Report a Concern or Ask a Question

Speak Up! 

Speaking up is what we do – all WK Kellogg Co employees have a responsibility to report if they see or think there has been a violation of our Code, our policies or the law. They can also ask for guidance when they are not sure what to do. Our employees have multiple ways to speak up including: managers, Human Resources, the Legal Department and the Ethics and Compliance Department.

Additionally, our Company has a confidential Ethics and Compliance helpline that is available to anyone, whether they are a WK Kellogg Co employee, contractor, vendor, consumer or a member of the public with a good faith ethics or compliance concern to share. The multi-lingual helpline is managed by an independent third-party and can be called 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Toll free phone numbers are provided in countries where we have employees present and reports can also be made online. Retaliation is not tolerated.