Our Commitment to Transparency, Quality and Safety

The quality and safety of our foods is our top priority. Our products – and the ingredients we use to make them – are compliant with applicable relevant laws and regulations and we remain committed to transparently labeling our ingredients so consumers can easily make choices about the food they purchase.

Today, more than 75 percent of our recipes – making up more than 80 percent of our cereal sales – contain no artificial colors. In fact, we continuously innovate new cereals that do not contain artificial colors across our biggest brands, offering a broad choice of nourishing foods for our consumers. This approach is consistent with our commitment to meet evolving consumer preferences.

We believe in the positive impact our foods have on overall health and we continue to evolve our portfolio to provide more positive nutrients, as well as reduce nutrients or ingredients of concern. Today, all of our cereals provide at least one key shortfall nutrient including fiber, iron, folate or Vit D, and more than 70% of our cereals contain at least 8g of whole grain. Additionally, more than 140 of our offerings are a good source of fiber, and the majority of our foods contain less than 50 calories from added sugar, per serving. In fact, cereal contributes less than 5% of added sugar in the US diet and cereal eaters consume no more added sugar in their diets than non-cereal eaters.

As a new company with a longstanding reputation for quality and innovation, we will continue to make safe, delicious foods that Make Eating Well Easy, and evolve our portfolio to provide choice to our consumers, in support of their overall health and happiness.