Artificial Colors

The quality and safety of our foods is our top priority. Our products – and the ingredients we use to make them – are compliant with applicable relevant laws and regulations and we remain committed to transparently labeling our ingredients so consumers can easily make choices about the food they purchase.

In 2016, Kellogg Company announced its ambition to remove all artificial colors from its Kellogg’s branded cereals – among other foods – globally. This goal was based on our understanding, at that time, that a critical mass of our consumers were seeking foods with more natural ingredients and would welcome this change. Importantly, it was not a reaction to any concerns with the safety or quality of our foods. Kellogg dedicated significant resources to gathering region-specific consumer insights to guide the creation of new recipes. In doing so, we found – as did other food companies with similar ambitions – that consumer preferences regarding artificial colors in food differ widely across markets, especially for cereals. For example, there is better reception to our cereal recipes that utilize natural-color alternatives within the Canadian market, than in the US.

In October 2023, Kellogg Company split into two separate publicly traded companies – WK Kellogg Co being the North America cereal company, distributing food in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Today, more than 75 percent of our recipes – making up more than 80 percent of our cereal sales – contain no artificial colors. In fact, we continuously innovate new cereals that do not contain artificial colors across our biggest brands, offering a broad choice of nourishing foods for our consumers. This approach is consistent with our commitment to meet evolving consumer preferences, which was the foundation of Kellogg’s 2016 stated ambition.