Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs)

At WK Kellogg Co we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace where every employee feels valued and respected. We are proud to introduce our eight Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs), each dedicated to creating a sense of belonging and community for our diverse workforce. Our BERGs include:

All Professionals LogoAll Professionals, providing a space for networking and development for employees of all backgrounds.

BLK + celebrates and amplifies the voices of our Black employees.

HOLA LogoHOLA supports our Hispanic/Latinx community.

KAPABLE LogoKAPABLE is committed to advocating for and empowering employees with disabilities.

MERGE LogoMERGE promotes gender equality and diversity.

WK Pride + Allies is a safe space for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies.

WK Vets & Allies honors and supports our veterans.

WOW+ focuses on the advancement of women in our organization.

Together, these BERGs embody our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity, and we encourage all employees to get involved and participate in building a more inclusive workplace culture.


Employee Impact Groups

We believe Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) are not only a fantastic resource for our employees, but an unlock for our business.  We’ve formalized subgroups within the BERGs called, Employee Impact Groups, that will provide the BERGs a space to connect directly with the business in key areas. These groups are led by subject matter experts, who partner with representatives from each BERG. This partnership will give BERGs visibility to our organization’s strategy, industry insights and best practices, as well as visibility to what the other BERGs may be doing in their space. This will also allow the BERGs an opportunity to influence our business strategies.